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In bet465 poker, you have to mix it up and keep your bet35 opponents off guard. Besides, Player #5 bet last round and he's an aggressive bet635 opponent, so he might bet this round, too. We give it a try. Sure enough, bet465 player #5 wings out there with a $100 bet. Bet35 player #1 calls it. Now you could just call if you wanted, and that's what I'd do sometimes. If you just call, you're not tipping off bet635 Player #5 that you have anything. If he's bluffing or betting a weak hand, you'll probably prefer that he not change his mind on the next bet465 round. You might want to either check-call or check-raise on the next betting round, but if you check-raise right now, you might have identified your bet35 strength prematurely and won't be able to let your bet635 opponent tighten his own noose by continuing to bet next.

Of course, other thoughts are going through your head. You might not have the best hand, for instance. But bet465 Player #1 almost certainly doesn't have three sixes, so you feel safe that you have him trapped. He probably has a bet35 straight draw or a flush draw, you figure. Maybe sevens-up. Maybe something else. You decide to raise, which is probably what you had in mind when you checked. You get two bet635 calls. Fine.

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